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Kanda Sushi serves traditional Japanese cuisine. The Itamae Chef, Mitsu-san, is well known in the area for his ability to create exotic dishes and remain true to the Japanese Art of Sushi. Kanda doesnt offer special rolls, soy paper or other unauthentic items that would be available at less genuine Sushi bars.

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Toro (Bluefin Tuna Belly) $M/P
Mediterranean – Marbled melt-in-the-mouth delicacy
Tuna (Bluefin) Hon Maguro $8.00-$10.00
Mediterranean – The preferred tuna
Tuna (Big Eye) Bachi Maguro $5.50-$7.00
Atlantic – If you can’t get Bluefin
Amberjack Kampachi $7.00
Japan – Clean and light
Yellowtail Hamachi $6.50
Japan – Buttery flavor-local favorite
Yellowtail Belly Hamachi Hara $10.00
Japan – Buttery Yellowtail Toro
Albacore Tombo Maguro $5.00
Tender texture and flavourful
Albacore Belly Tombo-Maguro Hara $8.00
Delicious Albacore Toro
Halibut Hirame $6.50
Atlantic – Delicate flavor
Sea Bream (Snapper) Tai $7.00
Japan – Clear and sweet
King Salmon Sake $6.00
Seasonal – Rich and healthy
Marinated King Salmon Suzuke Sake $6.00
Seasonal – Sweet rice vinegar
Mackerel Saba $5.00
Norway – Marinated slighty sweet
Spanish Mackerel Aji $7.00
Japan – Japanese favorite
Trevally Jack Simaaji $7.00
Japan – Similar to Kampachi
King Mackerel Sawara $8.00
Japan – White meat, mild flavor


SUSHI - Continued
King Crab Kani $10.00
Sea Urchin Uni $10.00
Channel Islands – Best in the world
Live Scallop Hotate Gai $7.00-$9.00
Japan / Boston – Sweet delicacy
Live Sweet Shrimp Amaebi $12.00-$16.00
Channel Islands – With fried shrimp heads
Shrimp (Cooked) $5.00
Channel Islands
Seared Scallop $8.00
Japan – Lightly seared
Freshwater Eel Unagi $6.00
Japan – Cooked with special sauce #3
Sea Eel Anago $5.00
Japan – Subtle flavor
Octopus Tako $5.50
Japan – Tender and tasty
Egg Tamago $4.00
Delicate dish
Squid (Ika) Koika $8.00
Japan – Cooked just right
Pompano Ebodai $5.00
Atlantic – House favorite-gotta try it! Special sauce #1
Salmon Roe Ikura $6.00
Alaska – Ask a Trout


Like Carpaccio with fresh seaweed, radish, tomato, citrus and sudachi ponzu
Tuna $17.00 Yellowtail 17.00 Tai $14.00 Albacore $14.00


Like Ceviche
Tuna $12.00
Cooked marinated calamari, tomato, cucumber, avocado
Albacore $10.00
Cooked marinated calamari, tomato, cucumber, avocado cilantro, pasta chip with yuzu ponzu
Lobster Roll
Boiled Maine lobster and cooked fish cake with dill cream sauce
King Crab Roll
Boiled Alaskan King Crab, cooked fish cake and avocado with dill cream sauce
Softshell Crab Roll
Fried Soft Shell Crab, cooked fish cake and cucumber
Salmon Skin Roll
Broiled Salmon skin,pickled root,cucumber and radish sprout
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Tempura shrimp, avocado,and cooked fish cake with sweet ponzu sauce
Freshwater Eel Roll
Broiled Eel and cucumber
Tempura House Roll
Cooked shrimp, fish cake and avocado wrapped in tempura
California Roll
Fish cake, avocado and cucumber
Tuna Roll
Tuna only
Yellowtail Roll
Chopped Yellowtail, cucumber and green onion
Cucumber Roll
Cucumber only
Spicy Tuna Roll
Chopped Tuna with House special spicy sauce
Spicy Yellowtail Roll
Chopped Yellowtail and green onion with House special spicy sauce




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