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Kanda Sushi serves traditional Japanese cuisine. The Itamae Chef, Mitsu-san, is well known in the area for his ability to create exotic dishes and remain true to the Japanese Art of Sushi. Kanda doesnt offer special rolls, soy paper or other unauthentic items that would be available at less genuine Sushi bars.

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Purchase a large bottle of sake and we will keep the remainder for your next visit
Cold Sake Bottle
Senshin $150.00 Manjyu $100.00
Ginjo $10.50 Nigori (unfiltered) $8.00
Kikusui $13.00 Kikusui Perfect Snow (unfilgered) $13.00
Suigei $12.00
Hot Sake Small $3.00 Large$6.00


BEVERAGES - Continued
Sapporo Kirin Asahi
Small $3.00 Large $6.00
Sapporo Light Small $3.00
Traditional Japanese Beer
Echigo Large $9.00
Wine by the Glass
Chardonnay $6.00 Merlot $6.00
Plum Wine $5.00
Half & Half Plum wine & Cold sake $6.00
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2.50 Iced Tea Green or Regular $2.50
Hot Tea $1.50 Pellegrino Water $6.00
Green Tea Cheesecake $6.50
Ice Cream Green Tea, Strawberry,
Red Bean $2.50 pc
Mochi Ice Cream $4.00
Choice of green tea, strawberry, mango, chocolate,red bean, two of any flavor




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